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29 years of experience
of caribou hunting in Northern Quebec
Club Explo-Sylva inc.
900 Boulevard St-Joseph
Gatineau, Quebec
Canada  J8Z 1S9
Phone: 1-819-778-2112
Toll Free: 1-888-778-2112
Fax: 1-819-778-2432

Terms & Conditions


Prices mentioned in this brochure are effective as of October 1st, 2012 to October 15th, 2013 for all 2013 trips. License fees (CAN $) including taxes are as follows (2012 price list):

  Residents Non-residents
Caribou $ 64,70 $ 354,26 *
Bear $ 50,63 $ 156,46
Small game $ 18,83 $ 89,62
Fishing (weekly) $ 20,41 $ 41,50
Fishing (3 days) $ 11.68 $ 28,64
Fishing (catch & release) $ 11.68 $ 28,64

For canadien non resident out of Quebec the caribou license is $144.26


  • 30% confirmation deposit (before taxes)
  • 30% on May 1st, 2013 (before taxes)
  • Balance 40% on July 1st, 2013
  • Reservation made after June 25, 2013 are payable in their entirety in one payment.
  • Checks must be made to the order of: Club Explo-Sylva Inc.


A cancellation fee will be applied as follows:

  • Before June 1st: the whole amount of the 30% confirmation deposit will be kept by Club Explo-Sylva Inc. (30% of the total bill).
  • After June 1st: no refund and all post-dated checks must be honoured.
  • No cancellation fee will be imposed if a substitute hunter is provided.


Club Explo-Sylva Inc. aims for regularity in flight schedules, but mainly due to weather conditions these may change without notice. Under such circumstances, Club Explo-Sylva Inc. cannot be held responsable and customers shall bear the inconvenience.


Slight modifications to offered packages may be necessary pending flight schedules. Should changes be made, Club Explo-Sylva Inc. assures that any alternative will be comparable in price and service to that originally offered. Club Explo-Sylva Inc. reserves the right to adapt outfitting activities according to weather conditions, if necessary. Club Explo-Sylva Inc. shall not be held responsible for any extra expenses, inconveniences and/or damages resulting from delays caused by unfavourable weather. Club Explo-Sylva Inc. reserves the right to cancel or alter any package and/or decline the reservation of a customer regardless of the package and this at any time and for any reason that Club Explo-Sylva Inc., in its sole judgement, deems necessary. Upon cancellation and refund of a package by Club Explo-Sylva Inc., customer shall have no recourse against Club Explo-Sylva Inc. with respect to such cancellation. Club Explo-Sylva Inc., acts as an intermediate between its customers and transport companies, and will not assume any responsibility for delays, negligence or loss of luggage. Furthermore, Club Explo-Sylva Inc. will not be liable for events, inconveniences and/or loss of services due to late customer arrival, and/or accidents or injury that may occur during transportation. Customers travelling by their own transportation shall assume full responsibility of this agreement and must contact us one week prior departure to acknowledge departure time and place. Club Explo-Sylva Inc. will make no refund should a customer not show up in time for departure. Should a customer need to be evacuated due to illness, security or personal accounts, all costs of such evacuation shall be borne by evacuee. Club Explo-Sylva Inc. shall not be held liable for claims of any nature, injury, damage, inconvenience or any loss that may be sustained. Customers take part in activities at their own risk. We strongly recommend the purchase of a general risk insurance which will cover medical and hospitalization fees, loss of luggage and trip cancellation. Because of the fluctuations of gas and fuel and exchange rate on U.S. dollard, Club Explo-Sylva Inc. keep a right to adjust all the prices on any packages without notice. With initial deposit, customers must acknowledge that they have fully read and clearly understood the general conditions mentioned in this brochure, as these conditions apply to every package offered by Club Explo-Sylva Inc.


If no caribou have been seen after the first four days, we will transfer you to another site, flight conditions permitting. This moving policy is conditional to the caribou migration on the reserve territories granted by the government to Club Explo-Sylva Inc. and the availability of the camp and float plan. Should such transfer be necessary, 1 animal only will be allowed per person and hunters may also have to accept reduced services. There is a possibility that we decide to move you on the first day of your hunt if the caribou migration is delayed on your original camp site; this will be considered as a transfert. Club Explo-Sylva Inc. should not be held responsible for the absence of migration on any territory at any time or for the failure to harvest game.